Our Quality

Quality Of Our Products Is Essentially Maintained

In our upstream rigorous selection and in a systematic verification (analysis) of in-put and out-put. Lacto Food’s know-how is based on its excellent knowledge of dairy raw materials, thanks to our integrated laboratory and to our quality engineers.

All our Products Go Through 5 Levels Of Regular Tests

  • Physical Analysis
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Microbiological Analysis
  • Organoleptic and Visual Control
  • Recording Controls

We Have Obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001 And ISO 22000, GMP And HACCP System Certifications.

Lacto Food Has Ambition To Satisfy Our Customers

by being attentive to their needs in order to define a solid performance road map. The company is currently under-going dynamic improvements to support our customers in their activities and to optimize product composition and quality levels.


We are constantly looking forward to finding new methods and formulations in order to get the best result and cater to our clients’ needs.


We implement international standards to gain the confidence and assurance of our clients for our sustainable product quality.


We believe that value for money is the most important parameter and cannot be compromised.


Time is of the essence. The capacity of our production line gives us the ability to fulfill orders on schedule.


We are always keeping up with global markets to understand our clients’ needs as well as keeping ourselves flexible to their ever changing demands.


Our facilities are located in an area where we have the closest possible access to a variety of dairy farms.